Train at Home

Dade County Football Club started an online video series called: 'Train at Home' primarily for our players who want to improve their soccer skills and fundamentals outside of our regular Field Sessions. 

Our program exists of a video series including exercises tied to our regular training program on the field and is mainly focused on soccer fundamentals, technical skills with the ball, tactical awareness, and fine motor skills. 

Everyone can do these exercises using only a soccer ball and some cones. All age groups will benefit from these exercises. The video series is included in all of our Private Coaching packages. Join us now and get in touch with us if you would like more information. Excellence is for everyone, ON and OFF the field.

Train at Home #1 Footwork & Ball Control

Train at Home #2 Juggle Challenge

Train at Home #3 Ball Mastering

Train at Home #4 Time Challenge

Train at Home #5 Strength and Conditioning + Bonus

Train at Home #6 Skill Moves